Australian Best Mobile Totes

Few experiences can compare to the thrill of watching a field of the finest thoroughbreds, their hooves kicking up dust as they thunder down the turf, speeding to the finish line while you urge your favourite on to victory. Few countries know this better than Australia, which has more racecourses than any other and is now one of the world’s three leading thoroughbred racing nations, with a whopping AU$14 billion spent annually on horse betting.

Of course you’re keen to get in on that action – even if you know nothing about betting and even less about horses. The great news is that, thanks to mobile internet technology, horse race betting has never been easier. A smartphone or a tablet computer and a connection to the Web are all you need! And any bookmaker will tell you that the place to get started is to find the best totes – or, in this case, the best mobile totes betting. And where the best mobile totes betting are, you will also find the best service, odds security and more. Presented here are a list and reviews of the leading Australian sportsbooks that offer the best mobile totes betting.

Best Mobile Totes Betting Defined

A tote is collective bet made up of all wagers, with the prize money divided between the winners according to the odds. By this system of division, each winner’s eventual payout is determined by how many winners there are in total. This number is only confirmed once betting has closed just before the race begins. In short, be prepared to get you adrenaline pumping because your odds will continue to alter right into the eleventh hour as more people back the same horse as you have.

The Best Mobile Tote Varieties

The premier mobile sportsbooks recommended here offer all of the 10 types of tote bets you would find at a brick-and-mortar bookmaker – win, place, each way, exacta, trifecta, quadpot, placepot, jackpot, scoop 6 and swinger totes.

In addition to providing the best mobile totes betting, these sites will also provide comprehensive definitions of each variety so it is sufficient for us to offer this brief summary:

The simplest and most common, the win, involves predicting the winning horse, whereas a place is a wager on which horses will come in second or third (and sometimes fourth and so on).

Then there are tote bets on multiple horses or even multiple races. For example, an exacta is a wager on the top two horses and their precise positions. Similarly, a trifecta applies to the top three.

If you’re looking for something more intricate, consider a quadpot, jackpot or scoop 6 and try to foretell which horses will win and/or place in several races over the course of a race day.

Whether you’re an experienced punter or green as the grass on the track, you will find the best totes betting to suit your speed – from relatively safe straight wagers with lesser payouts to more adventurous exotic wagers with greater ones.

Choose the Best Online Totes Now

In addition to offering highly competitive totes, mobile sports betting is safe, convenient and affordable. Imagine playing the ponies wherever you are, even if it’s miles from the nearest track. The exemplary sportsbooks listed here also offer top-notch security and navigating them is child’s play.

There is no better time to back the right horse! Simply select one or several of our recommended sites, sign up for an account and make a deposit. Start using the best mobile totes betting today!