Mobile Cycling Betting Australia

Does your life come to a standstill for 23 days each July as the finest professional cyclists in the world peddle through Europe in the ultimate cycling standoff, the Tour de France? Do you and your mates enjoy a good wager on which cyclist will take top honours? You could be placing real cycling bets for real winnings! And all you need is a smart phone or tablet and an internet connection.

Mobile cycling betting has taken Australia by storm, with sports fans and betting buffs weighing in on as many cycling races as they can lay their fingertips on, using their mobile devices to place cycling bets anytime, anywhere.

Plenty of Cycling Betting Odds

The Tour de France is just one of many major cycle tours taking place each year. The Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España are the other two European Grand Tour races and there are 24 more annual Union Cycliste Internationale Pro Tour events between March and October. The top mobile betting sportsbooks will offer a host of cycling betting odds on many if not all of them.

In addition to these international tours, there are also a number of prestigious Australian races, where Australia’s finest professional cyclists show their mettle against some of the best athletes in the world, on offer for cycling betting. These include, among others, the Tour Down Under, Mars Cycling Australia Road National Championships (the Nationals) and, for those in search of a more rugged race, the Cape to Cape MTB.

Variety of Mobile Cycling Bets

Mobile cycling betting offers multiple exciting wagering options to suit first-time betters and experienced punters alike.  The most common and simplest of these is a bet on the outright winner. All the bettor needs to do is pick one cyclist to take the entire tour. This is in contrast to a place bet, which is a wager on the second and third (and sometimes more) placers in the race.

Bettors can also try their luck with an interesting combination of the place and outright winner cycling bets referred to as an each way. Each way bets involve betting on both the winner and the top few places. The nice thing about this sort of cycling betting is that you do not forfeit the entire bet if part of it doesn’t pan out; i.e. your outright winner pick doesn’t make it but your placers are right on the money or vice versa.

Cycling betting also offers a novel wager known as a stage bet, which involves choosing a winner for a single stage of a tour as opposed to the whole thing. With 21 stages in a Grand Tour, this makes for virtually endless betting opportunities!

Like each way bets, multi bets allow you to wager on a number of outcomes such as four cyclists to place in the top 5 or seven to place in the top 10. However, unlike each way bets, multi bets require that your prediction is 100% accurate in order for a payout to occur. Just one wrong guess and you will lose the entire cycling bet.

Finally, for something a little more interesting, cycling betting also offers exotic bets on results that do not bear directly on the ultimate outcome. Such cycling bets include a particular cyclist’s overall result for a single day or even a single lap.

Start Mobile Cycling Betting

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