Election Betting Australia

For Australians, keeping tabs on local and international elections has become a major pastime. It seems everyone has their own idea of which party is the front runner and who will win the most seats in parliament. It is no wonder then that online betting sites have started offering online election betting as one of their major betting markets. With election betting, punters can choose which candidate they favour to win the election and which party will hold the most seats. While election betting isn’t as popular as horse racing or rugby betting, both state and federal election betting is gaining in popularity. With major political elections happening all around the world, election bettors are assured of a constant source of betting opportunities throughout the year.

Local and International Elections

In Australia, a federal election must take place once every three years, making local online election betting a relatively rare opportunity. State elections in Australia generally take place every four years. The last federal election was held in 2010 and betting on it was intense, with the Labor and Liberal parties virtually deadlocking at the end with Labor winning out by preferences. In other countries, major elections take place every four years. Probably one of the biggest international elections is the U.S presidential elections which receives almost 24/7 media coverage during the election process. Election betting allows punters to follow world politics and place election bets on who they think is the most deserving candidate with the best winning chance.

Types of Online Election Betting

For local elections, punters can choose from a variety of election bets. Perhaps the most common bet for novice punters is to place election bets on the final outcome of an election; e.g. the Labor party or the Coalition party. Punters can also choose individual winners, e.g. Tony Abbott from the Liberal Coalition party or Julia Gillard from the Labor party. Additional election bets include betting on how many parliamentary seats a party will win. In international online election betting, punters usually bet on which presidential candidate will win the election and by how many votes. The key to successful election betting is looking closely at the election betting odds. A punter can also get valuable information on which way an election is heading by studying news polls and opinion polls.

Before You Place Election Bets

Before considering local online election betting Australia, it is important to understand the political structure in Australia. Australia uses the preferential voting system. This is where voters number their preferred candidates by order of choice. On a Federal level, the government has a House of Representatives and a Senate. Members of the House of Representatives are decided at general elections. When betting on an international level, a punter should research their chosen candidates through news sites and other political sources before placing any large election bets.

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