Mobile Golf Betting Australia

A sport doesn’t get to be 500 years old and more popular than ever, with over 35 000 major courses built for it on earth, without reason. With its demand for absolute technical precision and unwavering focus from its players, golf has become one of the most popular sports in Australia and around the world. And, for about as long as golf has been around, both spectators and players have been making friendly golf bets about the outcome of each game. This is particularly true Down Under, since Australians are equally as famous for their sports fanaticism as for their love of betting.

Recently, golf has become one of the most punted sports in Australia. This uptake in golf betting has been strongly influenced by the emergence of mobile sports betting sites, which enable bettors to make golf bets via the Internet without ever leaving their homes. Then, in the mid-2000s, golf betting received an even bigger boost.

The mass adoption of smartphones and tablet computers opened up golf betting to an entirely new group of punters. These bettors, who would otherwise not have had access to golf betting due to time and financial constraints could now safely place golf bets anytime, anywhere, using just their portable smart devices and the Internet. And you don’t have to trawl the Web for hours, looking for the mobile bookmaker that offers the perfect golf betting options for you, picking one and then hoping that the gamble pays off. We have put together a list and reviews of the leading Australian mobile golf betting sites in the business. They are highly secure, easy to use and offer the best odds and biggest payouts you’ll find anywhere online.

A Variety of Golf Tournaments and Divisions

In addition to high-profile international events like the US Open, Masters Tournament, Australian Open and PGA Championship, the premier mobile sportsbooks on our list offer odds on a range of other tournaments taking place all year round, so you’ll never want for your golf betting fix.

Among these exciting additional options are women’s, second-tier and pro-amateur golf.

Exciting Mobile Golf Betting Possibilities

Golf betting offers two main wagering options – tournament golf bets and matchup bets.

Tournament golf bets involve predicting the overall winner of an entire tournament and are often favoured by novice punters because they appear to be so simple and straightforward. However, when it comes to golf, picking a single outright winner can be trickier than it seems. With the pack leaders’ virtually mirroring one another in terms of performance, it takes truly refined golf betting instincts to foretell the outcome with such a close field.

Then there are those times when a single player dominates to such an extent that it seems virtually guaranteed that they will win every tourney in which they play. This make it easier to pick a winner but, with so many people wagering on the same player, golf betting payouts become negligible.

This is why matchup golf bets, which involve predicting which of two players will perform the best, regardless of the overall result of the tournament, are so popular in golf betting.

Start Mobile Golf Betting Today

Simply sign up for accounts with some of the stellar golf betting sites reviewed here and start shopping around for the best odds, payouts and bonus free bets. Then it’s time to make sure your golf knowledge is up to par. Keeping up to date with player form, weather conditions and the like, while using the best Australian mobile golf betting bookmakers, will be your hole in one!