Mobile Greyhound Betting

In Australia, the centuries-old pursuit of greyhound racing is far more than a mere pastime; it is a professional sport that attracts millions of dollars in mobile betting and prize money annually. In fact, Australia is one of just eight countries on Earth where greyhound betting is a fully fledged form of gambling, almost as popular with punters at horseracing.

But, with thousands of races taking place worldwide each year, it is literally impossible to make it to watch them all. This is where mobile greyhound betting comes in very handy. Thanks to mobile greyhound betting, you can now wager whenever and wherever you like using a smartphone or tablet computer!

We have sniffed out the finest Australian mobile sportsbooks, each offering its own unique and unparalleled greyhound betting experience. Whether you’re an old hand at greyhound betting or you’ve never placed a bet in your life, look no further than right here for the best odds, most exciting bets and huge payouts on the largest variety of races available online.

Smart Mobile Greyhound Betting

Many people choose sports betting over other forms of gambling because far less is left to chance with the former, since it is possible to research certain highly determining factors.

For punters of this persuasion, greyhound betting holds a particular appeal. Whilst horse races often feature as many as 24 horses, greyhound races are generally limited to no more than six dogs, making it much easier to analyse and compare the various dogs’ recent performances, trainers, track history and such.

Mobile Greyhound Betting Events

Since mobile greyhound betting allows you to bet on events beyond your backyard, you will have hundreds of exciting races to choose from each year – both in Australia and abroad.

One of the most significant of the international races is the Greyhound Derby, which brings the fastest dogs on Earth to Wimbledon and offers some of the biggest greyhound betting payouts of the year.

Meanwhile, back home, Australia boasts status as host of the world’s richest and most prestigious greyhound race, the Melbourne Cup, with a winner’s cheque of staggering AU$ 600 000 plus.

And these are but two of the numerous larger and lesser international race days available for mobile greyhound betting.

A Host of Mobile Greyhound Betting Options

The best mobile sportsbooks offer an array of greyhound betting options to suit the pocket and experience of every kind of punter. Bettors can generally choose between three broad categories – straight, multi and exotic bets.

Straight bets include win, place and each way bets. A win bet involves putting your money on a dog to win a specific race, whereas a place bet requires you to predict which dogs will take second and third (and beyond) place. Alternatively, an each way can be used to combine win and place bets.

Multi bets, such as doubles, trebles and parlays, in greyhound betting are wagers on multiple races in a race day.

Similarly, exotic bets like quinellas and First 4s involve predicting multiple dogs to finish in the money. However, all of your chosen dogs must finish in the exact places you predicted – one wrong guess and the entire wager is lost.

Hone in on a Winning Hound Today!

If you own a smartphone or tablet, you could be wagering on a winner in minutes. Whether you’re iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or anything in between, our exceptional Australian mobile greyhound betting sites have you covered. You can even place live bets on your top dog as the race unfolds!