Australian Mobile Sports Betting

For millions of sports-crazy, wager-loving Australians, the advent of mobile internet technology in the mid-2000s was the answer to our prayers. Finally, we could bet on as many sporting events as we liked, when we liked and where we liked!  Mobile sports betting circumvented the impossible necessity of attending every game or race and paying regular visits to a bookmaker. Nowadays, sports betting via mobile has become the wagering method of choice for countless Australians.

Many potential punters remain sceptical, however, fearing that their money and banking details will be compromised or that the technical complicatedness of mobile sports betting would be too hard to get the hang of. And their fears are not entirely unfounded as there are mobile sports betting bookmakers out there with messy interfaces and poor security measures. Fortunately, would-be wagerers need look no further than this website for a list and reviews of the most reputable mobile sports betting sites. In addition to being safe and easy to use, these sportsbooks offer numerous other features that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Security in Mobile Sports Betting

Avoid mobile sports betting sites that don’t offer third-party deposit options to keep them from having direct access to your bank account and confidential information. Also, go for sites that have highly advanced password encryption software for an additional level of protection.

An added bonus of betting via mobile is that you don’t have to use unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots or your work pc to connect when you’re away from home. 3G and 4G connections keep your transactions 100% private.

Plenty of Sports to Choose from

If playing the ponies or wagering on other traditional betting sports has never really tickled your fancy, there is all the more reason for you to consider mobile sports betting.

With mobile sports betting, you have access to numerous options that you would never find at your average, brick-and-mortar bookmaker. Rugby betting, tennis, golf, baseball, NFL, NRL, greyhound racing betting – you name it, they’ve got it. You can even bet on alternative sports like darts, polo and cycling or wager on a completely different field like entertainment or politics!

Look out for mobile sports betting sites that offer the widest variety as well as the best odds on the sports on their books.

Numerous Mobile Sports Betting Options

Truly exceptional mobile sports betting bookmakers will spoil you for choice with the number of different bets they offer – whether you’re new to betting or have been at it for years. For example, if racing is your thing, you’ll find wins, places, each ways, doubles, trebles, parlays, exotics and more. Whereas fans of team sports like rugby and soccer can wager on items like final log standings, point spreads and even individual player achievements.

If you really want to get your adrenaline pumping, many of the best Australian mobile sports betting sites offer live betting so that you can make wagers, play-by-thrilling-play! You should also shop around for the mobile sports betting sites with the best free bets and other promotional offers. (Hint: they are all listed here!)

Start Mobile Sports Betting Now

If your fingertips are itching to start mobile sports betting, there’s really no need to hold your horses. Simply consult our reviews, sign up with the Australian mobile bookmakers that most appeal to you, and then look for the best odds, payouts and more.

You could be bagging your first mobile sports betting win in just a few minutes!